by Louis Bullock

Soft Sunder 10:24
To Hold 09:45
Share Drone 00:45
Unresolved 02:22
Foresight 05:50
Waiting 03:15
Lull 00:22
Seeing Grey 03:18


Tape release available through Rad Jams Exchange:

Realisations is a narrative for the quiet of the night, moments of peace, solitude. Sounds that fill the room, others rattling the windows.

I've worked on these pieces for the past two years, testing ideas of digital vs tape loops, decay, distortion, textural contrasts, the intimacy of unprocessed sounds and cavernous reverberation.

It tells of the rises and falls experienced in that time, the moments of peace alongside trying moments.

I hope for listeners of this album to do so wherever they can, it can become a soundtrack for your quiet, melancholy, and beautiful moments.

Listen while on the bus, the same characters ride with you, the indicator softly clicks, the stopping beep makes its way into the mix of Soft Sunder's swells. People chatter, yet its welcome.

As you ponder in the shower, To Hold reverberates off the tiles, as do your thoughts. When the countermelody comes in, it's as if there's hope and a moment of clarity amidst your thoughts.

Foresight pulls you through the harder thoughts. Believe me, you'll get there, you'll make things work.

Unresolved pulls, stirs. You tip toe, feet barely grounded.

Waiting is simply that. Time trudges, shuffles, its rhythm loosening, but righting itself when it can find the strength.

Following this, Lull slides into Seeing Grey, and sometimes, that’s all there is to be seen. Practice some Mindfulness, centre yourself. There’s clarity to come.

Is It That Late? (Variation), muffled and corroded chords bellow, yet its as if they’re contained by the dark of the room around you. For late night ruminating. It trails off, slumber arrives warmly received.

A huge thank you to everyone. All of you, I adore you all, and I’m quite blessed to have made so many new friends in the past few years, some great connections in the arts, I've met some of the most beautiful minds and souls.

To show myself through my work and have others respond to and connect with it is the greatest feeling there is.

For Esther Bullock — no star brighter.

Produced by Louis Bullock between 2014 and 2016.


released April 24, 2016


all rights reserved



Louis Bullock SA, Australia

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